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Connection cables

The T+A system bus cables connect our multi-source players with the corresponding integrated amplifiers and ensure seamless communication between the devices.


Product Nr.: 4351-99101
Immediately available
20,00 € / piece
4 pin XLR zu RCA Adapter für HA 200
Product Nr.: 4663-99101
Immediately available
Description: 4 pin XLR zu RCA Adapter für HA 200
100,00 € / piece
Connecting cable AudioCon LZ 011
Product Nr.: 4081-21201
Discontinued product
Description: AudioCon system bus cable
16,00 € / piece
Connecting cable FTP 1,0
Product Nr.: 4087-21201
Only a few items left in stock
Description: R2-Link system bus cable
10,00 € / piece
Connecting cable FTP 3,0
Product Nr.: 4087-21301
Immediately available
Description: R2-Link system bus cable
15,00 € / piece
Connecting cable H-Link
Product Nr.: 4084-21201
Not immediately available. Delivery in 1-2 weeks
Description: H-Link system bus cable
105,00 € / piece

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