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  • Speaker Quad (Carbon) Spades special length 2 in / 4 out

Speaker Quad (Carbon) Spades special length 2 in / 4 out

2 Speaker Quad loudspeaker cables with Spades terminals (2 in / 4 out)

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Technical Data
Suitable for


Speaker Quad consists of four individual cables with a large total cross-sectional area, and features a very careful, sophisticated design aimed at frequency-neutral behaviour and a very good specification. Its internal construction, based on four independent conductors, permits several different types of connection; for example, the use of four banana plugs or spades for connecting loudspeakers with bi-wiring terminals.

Technical Data

Speaker Quad (Carbon) Loudspeaker cable
Style: 2 in / 4 out
Inductivity: 200 nH,
Capacitance: 190 pF,
Cross-sectional area: 4 x 2,5 qmm
Length: variable
Cable endings: Spades terminals

Suitable for

Solitaire, Talis, Criterion, Pulsar, K-Loudspeakers (except for bookshelf loudspeakers)

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