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  • T+A certified vacuum tube

T+A certified vacuum tube

1x T+A certified vacuum tube CV 278-ST
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Technical Data
Suitable for


1x T+A certified vacuum tube CV 278-ST (= 6SN7, =ECC33, =VT231)

Type: Double-Triode / golf Oktal-socket K8A

For Audio and High-end application

Download data sheet Datasheet - 178 kB

Technical Data

Heater Voltage: 6.3 V
Heater Current: 0.6 A

Technical data (for single triode)
Max. Anode Voltage: 330 V
Mutual Conductance: 3.0 mA/V
Max. Anode Dissipation: 2.75 W
Max. Cathode Current: 20 mA
Installation height approx.: 96mm
Total height approx.: 110mm
Max. Diameter approx.: 48mm

Suitable for

M 40 HV

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