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  • FD 100 HG black

FD 100 HG black

FD100 RF bi-derictional radio remote control
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Technical Data
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The FD100 bi-directional radio remote control system features an integral screen, and can control all devices and systems with a Streaming Client if a Gateway (radio receiver) is installed. For the Multi Source Players of the HV Series, MP 3000 HV and MP 3100 MP, the FD100 is supplied as standard. All devices of the E-, K- and R Series which have a streaming Client can be equipped with a build in gateway. Further information about the gateways is available from T+A dealers.

The handset sends your remote control commands to the device even where there is no direct line-of-sight connection, and receives back all the relevant information from the machine – also by radio. In practice the FD100 can be considered to be a mobile version of the machine’s integral screen, showing the system’s screen content as well as the Cover Art on its high-definition TFT display. The user is therefore completely independent of the location of the system: he or she can operate it conveniently from the listening position, and can view all the essential information displayed clearly on the FD100’s screen, since it shows all the information for the whole system, and all sources connected to a device – such as the tuner or CD player – in addition to displaying the content when using the streaming client.

Download data sheet Datasheet - 179 kB

Technical Data

FD 100 radio remote control
Colour: Black
Works with: HV- R-, E-, K-Series

Please note:
A device known as a Gateway GW E is required for translating the FD100’s radio commands into the system bus data used by the various T+A machines. The Multi Media Players of the HV-Series, the Surround Receivers K8 and K2 Blu and the Music Player Balanced have it already on board. To use the FD100 for other streaming client machines of the E- and R-series the gateway can be built in easily. Please contact your T+A dealer.

Suitable for

HV-Series, R-Series, E-Series, K-Series

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