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  • Audio Quad (Carbon) XLR special model

Audio Quad (Carbon) XLR special model

2 sym. Audio Cable with XLR plugs

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Technical Data
Suitable for


Audio Quad has been designed specifically to cater for various types of ultra high-quality symmetrical connections in the professional arena. It features two wound internal conductors in the form of a twisted pair of ultra-pure oxygen-free copper enclosed in a PE foam insulator and a dense shield of OFC copper braid. The result of this triple shielding design is a very high damping ratio. A dense damping braid of PE monofilaments is pressed into firm contact with the internal components by the outer sleeve, which contains an anti-static additive. The result of this extremely refined development is twofold: superb measured data and interference-free transmission, combined with unique characteristics in terms of sound quality.

Technical Data

Audio Quad (Carbon) Audio cable
Impedance: 110 Ohms
Capacity: 38 pF
Construction: Supplementary control conductor
Length: variable
Plug: XLR

Suitable for

HV-Series, R-Series, E-Series, Blu (except for R 1000 E)

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